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About: Welcome

Since first gaining my Equity card in 1987 I have appeared  in multiple  theatre, TV and film productions. These have included several original plays and films written and directed by acclaimed directors Mike Leigh and Steven Berkoff as well as plays at London's Old Vic and Shakespeare's Globe. Among my screen roles, I played the King's chauffeur in the multi Oscar winning film "The King's Speech" and Chosen Man Isaiah Tongue in the "Sharpe" TV series.
I have been making art for the last twenty years and selling my work for around ten. Initially I focused on commissioned portraits in acrylic and graphite but more recently my work has centred on drawn, painted and hand-printed images developed from life and imagination.

If you are interested in discovering a little more about me you might care to watch this 2020 interview with Michelle Lloyd from United ArtSpace. We cover my art and acting careers as well as lots else in between. My thanks to Michelle for agreeing to let me share this interview.

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